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ALTERNATIVES” – it is Alter-Globalist Net-Work, created for the support of the social initiatives, which provides different directions of social, political, educational and research activity:


ALTERNATIVES”- it is All-Russian Social movement, created for the support of the social initiatives and involved into the struggle against the all forms of oppression of working people, against capitalist globalization, for democracy, socialism and social liberation;


ALTERNATIVES” – it is the Foundation “Alternatives” and International Association “Scholars for Democracy and Socialism”, annually organizing conferences, seminars, research and publishing projects in the sphere of socialist, alter-globalist and labor movement;


ALTERNATIVES” – it is the left quarterly “Alternatives”, which aim is: to establish the dialog between the researches, who support the socialist ideas, and militants of the socialist and labor movement in the different parts of the world;


ALTERNATIVES– it is the University of the Modern Socialism, based on the self-organization of the youth

and Analitical-Educational Center for the Support of the Protest Labor Movement.


For contacts:;        e-mail:





All-Russian social Movement in support of social initiatives — “Alternatives” (about 50 regional departments, near 1000 militants), established in the end of 2000 on the basis of the Association “Scholars for Democracy and Socialism” (existed from 1993) and some other groups.

Our main goals are:

  • The support for the organization of workers and citizens for defense of their common interests and for the liberation of labor from all forms of oppression – economic, political, ideological;
  • The propaganda of ideas of democracy, self-government, socialism;
  • Critical development of socialist theory in the dialog of representatives of different schools and trends.

Main spheres of our activity:


Distribution of the truth information on the capitalist globalization and creation of anti-globalist movement in Russia altogether with other organizations, rather national and international.

The representatives of our movement participated in the World Social Forums I (2002), II (2003) and in the preparatory meetings of WSF III (2004). The organized group of the members of “Alternatives” as a part of joint Russian delegation actively participated in the European Social Forums in Genoa (2001), Florence (2002), Paris (2003) and London (2004).

In the 2002-2004 “Alternatives” taking part in the organization of the regional Social forums in Russia (Siberian Social Forum – twice, Ural Social Forum, Moscow Social Forum, Voronezh Social Forum).


Support of the independent Trade-Union and Labor movements.

From autumn 1999 it were organized:

    • some educational seminars in Moscow for the leaders of protest worker’s movement and similar seminars in regions,
    • theoretical conferences on the role of the working class with participation of labor movement leaders,
    • sessions of discussion club “Dialog” devoted for labor movement,
    • support of actions of trade union and labor movement against new Labor Code,
    • urgent consultations (economic and juridical) including the trips to enterprises participating in protest actions (23 cases: Vyborg Paper Mill (3), Magnitogorsk Metal Plant, Kuznetsk Metal Plant, Tutaev Engine Factory, Leningrad Metal-manufacturing factory (3), “Industrial Textile” Factory in Voronezh and many others),
    • special publications in our quarterly “Alternatives” and news-papers, publications of the theoretical books (5 books), publications of the bulletin on protest worker’s movement (7 issues) distributed for the network of protest labor collectives (which formed with our assistance), monthly program on Radio and so on. Due to our efforts some debates on labor and trade union problems were imposed in different Russian TV channels.


    Social education of the Youth: annual program of University of modern socialism during 4 years with our participation in teaching. University based on self-organization of youth (2-3 seminars every week).


    Theoretical work (social movements, grass-root democracy, democratic socialism, globalization and so on). We publish (during 13 years, since 1991) international quarterly “Alternatives” (1000 copies), which is only one socialist magazine in Russia, supporting itself by international council and regularly publishing foreign authors; more then 10 books every year; annually we organize conferences and seminars in Moscow and Russian regions with participation of 100-400 peoples. The main conferences were:


    2004 – Humanism as a theoretical and practical problem of XXI century;


    2003 – The new policy for the new economy: alternatives for the market and conservative fundamentalism;


    2002 – Alternatives for globalization: the human and scientific-technological potential of Russia;


    2001 – The demise of USSR: 10 years after;


    2000 – Russia 2000: the social forces and ways to overcome the crisis;


    1999 – Keeping and development of intellectual potential of Russia in the circumstances of global informational society;


    1998 – Socialism: the answer for the challenge of the global problems of the postindustrial society;


    1997 – Classic Marxism: what is out of time, what is proved by time?

    Among them, also there are the annual conferences, devoted to the problems of the working class and labor movement (history and modernity).


    Political and organizational activity. The movement participated in different political actions – independently or in collaboration with other non-stalinist socialist organizations, trade unions, NGOs. Movement itself unites the militants with different political position – left social democrats (members of Marxist platform in United Social-Democratic Party), radical socialists, non-stalinist communists.

    For contacts:; e-mail: (Buzgalin A., Bulavka L., Kolganov A.)

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