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Leading investment businesses in Scandinavia


Firms that are powering Scandinavian and Northern European investment economies

Financiers hoping to get their funds into the hands of proficient, long-term based investment companies are spoilt for choice in the Scandinavian and European industries .

For a simpler focus, the following list provides a general summary of the leading equity capital, hedge fund and venture fund investment businesses from Scandinavia, that profit from a worldwide reputation.

Alfa Commodity Fund is a hedge fund management firm which specializes in future financial —­future+financial deals, buying and selling multinational exchanges. Commodities, equity indices, interest rate instruments and currencies are the primary focal point of the company.

High risk yet thoroughly assessed investments are this company’s specialty. Funds are forecasted to deliver 15 to 20 percent annually.

Nordic Capital could be the most known equity finance firm in the Nordic market, with a remarkable portfolio that features Thule, Capio and Menigo.

They were founded in 1989 with the intent of offering responsible investment techniques, and now turns over billions. They have received many awards for its work, particularly in 2012 with a minimum of 7 industry awards awarded.

Formed in 1997, Triton Partners — is an authority in equity finance and targets investment in moderate-size companies located in Northern Europe. Its stock portfolio features Dywidag Systems International and Nordic Tankers.

The countries actively chosen for investment include, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, along with Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Triton Partners operates explicitly in 3 segments of industry: Consumer Health, Industrials and Business Services. This goal has resulted in profitable sales since their beginning. It has witnessed conclusion of 40 successful investments, with facets of control in 23 distinct businesses.

With 45 p.c. of its financial investments in Nordic enterprises, this blue-chip supported business has over 300 investors.

With a number of sectors, such as Energy, Environment and Consumer Goods, Bure —­en is a solid leader in the Scandinavian region.

SEED Capital is the greatest venture capital fund in Denmark, this business purchases healthcare tech and general innovation companies. It anticipates a return on its financial investment at 10 times the initial amounts.

Contrary to equity capital companies, SEED Capital — invests in newly created businesses, a heavy risk yet extremely lucrative strategy. Up to EUR9 million may be invested, although quantities from EUR250,000– EUR350,000 together with input with international financiers.

One other financial investment titan in the market is EQT, with an average of 11 % increase in sales has put the firm in an authoritative stance. Their portfolio comprises Candyking and NORD, and features an increase of more than 14 % in profits yearly.