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Unfinished Hardwood: Advantages and Disadvantages

Unfinished hardwood floors are a great addition to any house or room and can really add a unique look to any home. From the customer to the builder, unfinished wood flooring is a popular choice when considering a new floor installation in the home. Unfinished hardwood floors need reduced effort and have an easier installation process, but call for sanding and finishing on site after installation is complete.

Usually, installing an unfinished wood floor is a three-part operation. With hard wood flooring planks, you will normally need to attach them to the subfloor in some manner, usually with a nail gun. After that, you will want to sand the floor — this gives it that nice, even look that unfinished wood flooring is known for. Last of all, you will fill in any gaps or flaws in the wood and use several coats of protective finish.

An important decision to make when you decide to install an unfinished hardwood floor is what type of wood to choose. There are many different types of unfinished hardwood flooring options available, and you must consider what type of room the floor is for as well as what finish, if any, you want to apply to the wood. As a decorating guideline, dark floor finishes are generally used in formal environments, and light floor finishes are used in more casual environments. Furthermore, you should look at how your chosen hardwood species rates over time for longevity.

There are pros and cons to unfinished hardwood flooring — let’s look at the cons for a second. First and foremost, there are two additional steps involved: sanding and applying a protective finish. Many people feel that it is worth it for the perfectly smooth finish, but others don’t want do deal with the mess involved.

Should you choose to leave your wood floor in its unfinished state, you may have some extra complications on your hands. quarter sawn oak flooring Bare wood simply does not endure as well over time as wood floors with a protective coating. While you may appreciate the special charm of wood left unfinished initially, you may be opening yourself up to an expensive and lengthly repair process in a few years, as your floor gets progressively more dirty and damaged.

Despite these down sides, there are certain benefits to installing unfinished hardwood floors. First of all, the floor can be put in at any time during the process of construction or remodeling. Also, you can pick any stain color you want, as well as the type of wood — the mixture of these variables will give you a totally custom look that matches your decor perfectly. Thirdly, if you are attempting to match some existing wood floors, unfinished wood floors are great because you can simply install the floor and then stain the floor to match your existing floor stain. Also, installing wood flooring throughout your home is usually best done with unfinished flooring to give a uniform color and finish. Finally, unfinished wood floors will also provide a greater range of overall options for your home d�cor, since specific plank widths or unconventional wood types may not be available in prefinished wood.

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