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Why Stress Tests Can Help Improve Medical Treatments In Many Ways


What You May Not Know About Stress Tests

People that have to do cardiac stress test tend to worry. Yet these tests are very short and non-obtrusive. The only unpleasant thing about doing one of these tests is that there’s exercise involved. Otherwise, you’re in and out fast.

So when you do the test, your heart needs to be stressed. This way, they can see what is going on. The only way to get accurate information is to stress your entire system a.k.a. your heart. So in this article we’ll talk about some specific and general topics for the cardiac stress test.

As we’ve covered in other articles, your cardiologist will have to select the type of stress test to administer. The treadmill stress test is a good example of a stress test that isn’t quite as complex as others and is used quite frequently. An example of a more complicated stress test is the nuclear stress test. Special radioactive tracers are used to illuminate your blood by emitting specific forms of energy. If you’ll be taking the treadmill stress test, all it involves is walking on a treadmill as if you were exercising. This helps to increase you heart rate and places stress on your entire cardiovascular system. You’ll be connected to an EKG or electrocardiogram which will monitor you and there will also be a doctor with you to ensure everything is alright. In order for a stress test to be successful, your heart needs to be stressing out quite a bit. If nothing is stressed, then the EKG will not produce the results that can actually help you if something is amiss. Loading down your heart means making it work harder than it does usually. Simple exercises like running in place, walking fast, or going for a jog will put a load on your heart in no time. Abnormalities can be revealed when the heart is loaded down. Although situations may arise, it’s not always going to show up the same way. Symptoms, if they are not present, will not help discern if something is wrong with you or not.

Getting a second opinion may be in your best interest, especially if you are showing signs of cardiovascular disease. So if you don’t trust one diagnosis, you should certainly get another. Reliability and accuracy needs to be 100% if your life is actually going to be on the line. A second opinion is something that most doctors and cardiologists will recommend just to be sure of your diagnosis. In most cases, doctors try to avoid being sued at all costs. Unfortunately, doctors try to agree with one another. Taking the conservative position is the path of least resistance in most cases. It is in your best interest to repeat the image diagnostic tests or stress test that you took to make sure all of the results are on par.

The bright side of needing a stress test means your doctor feels you are in good enough condition to take one. You should feel optimistic if this is the case. After you get test results from your doctor, you can figure out what to do from that point.

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