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What Parents Should Know About Paying For Their Kids' College Education


A Parent’s Guide to Funding Your Child’s College Education

The ability for families to pay for college is diminishing more and more each year. In fact, money is very tight. The economy is terrible, and the unemployment rate doesn’t seem to have an end. The housing crash also didn’t help. Instead of going down in cost, college prices are going up. Now parents have to be on top of their game, being creative and resourceful in regard to paying for their child’s education, a cost that seems to go up with no limit.

One way to make college cheaper is to reduce the number of classes the student has to take. High school students who are strong in a particular subject may be able to earn credits by taking AP (Advanced Placement) courses. There’s no reason a student should have to wait for college to take a course he or she is ready to take earlier. Students who are earning high grades in any subject should at least look into this possibility. Each AP class may save you hundreds of dollars or more on college tuition, so this can make a real difference. Community colleges are far less expensive than regular for your schools, so you might consider this an option. This will save you money two ways minimally. First of all, tuition at community colleges is much lower than at either public or private four year colleges. Most community colleges are in local areas, so your kids could actually go to school without any living expenses. Then, once they have completed two years, they go to a four year college to finish. Going to a community college works just fine, yet some people do not think their kids should ever go to one. It is where you graduate from, not where you got your first two years of college, that matters to any employer during a job interview.

It is necessary to follow all the rules when applying for financial aid especially if you want to land the best financial aid package. Make sure your child fills out their financial aid form on time. The earlier in the year you send it in, the better. If you have any special issues or problems, you should discuss these with the financial aid office of the college. Making tuition affordable is also something that colleges are able to do. It never hurts to ask regardless. Accurately enter in all of your information, for your financial aid, the first time around. It could actually disqualify your child from getting any money through financial aid if this happens.

For most families, college is one of the most significant expenses they will ever face. You will most likely have to spend many hours going over the most practical ways to pay for college. Students and their families will usually have to devise a customized plan to make college affordable. If enough money can be obtained from grants and scholarships, this can save you a great deal. The tips we’ve covered in this article can help you fund your child’s college education with as little anguish as possible.

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