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Top Swedish pharmaceutical business profiles


Founded by Peter Prahl — , Anthrop Pharmaceuticals AB is a company operating in the Health Care Industry in Scandinavia. It was started in 2003 with the purpose to deliver high strategic knowledge in logistics, distribution, marketing ans sales to the Pharmaceutical drug and Medical Technology sector. It delivers contract sales and business development, tailored to market and sales management and processes. The company has in-depth expertise in several therapeutic areas like consumer and retail marketing.

Its long term vision is to continue diversifying the enterprise and end up a Pharmaceutical business which is going to be done through acquisitions and collaborations.

Accord Healthcare is an innovative and dynamic pharmaceutical business. By becoming vertically integrated and owning all phases of the pharmaceutical development and production process, Accord brings top quality medicines to patients faster, more economically and with greater advancement than their competition.

Founded by Samir Mehta — , Accord has two EU GMP endorsed production facilities and an EU packing site near Cambridge, UK that supply Accord with one of the greatest manufacturing capacities in the world.

Accord Sweden have been active since 2010 and has successfully joined the health care and retail market via its top merchandise offering. It has been predicted to be consolidating its reputation in the healthcare market by securing regional tender awards for the near future.

Crucell is an international biopharmaceutical company dedicated to bringing substantial improvement to global well being. It accomplishes this by identifying, formulating, producing and advertising products which fight significant threats to the health of individuals globally. Its specialty is overcoming contagious illnesses — a growing healthcare issue.

Advancement is the motivator powering their efficient research & development (R&D) pipeline, with appealing remedies in pre-clinical and clinical refinement. Crucell supplement prospects include flu-mAb, an antibody product effective against an extensive range of influenza virus strains, malaria and tuberculosis vaccines, as well as a rabies monoclonal antibody combination — all produced on its signature PER.C6® human-cell technology.

They are the largest vaccine company in the world, as they are overcoming a dozen major transmittable illnesses with their number of advertised vaccines in the respiratory, paediatric, travel and endemic fields.

Crucell embarked on a larger vision in 2006, when it acquired the Swiss vaccine manufacturer Berna Biotech and SBL Vaccines of Sweden — a pair of businesses with their own long histories of innovation and quality portfolios of good merchandise.

With these acquisitions, Crucell took over as biggest independent vaccine enterprise in the world and was able to expand its intentions to formulate breakthrough treatments for contagious diseases. Earnings generated by Crucell’s vaccine sales and technology licenses fueled development of the company’s R&D pipeline.

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