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Top businesses working in the Damman area


The Tamimi Trading & Contracting Co Ltd (TIMCO) is a 100 % Saudi-controlled Company functioning over the past 30 years out of Dammam Saudi Arabia. Through the support of Chief Executive Officer Fahad Al Tamimi — , Timco is one of the best firms in providing products and services to gas and oil and related Energy and Power industries in the fields of Trading, provision of additional parts and Industrial Equipment, Contracting and Maintenance.

Timco’s exceptional development is credited to its Management/ Marketing —­Marketing and client service teams, along with their team of Engineers, sales executives and its teams on the market, furthermore and most notably its valued associates and their help.

Alderley, which has Middle East centers in Saudi Arabia, Dammam and Jebel Ali Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is commemorating 25 years since the development of the Alderley Group and the hatching of the iconic Kingfisher logo design. In 1989, Alderley which was established by Tony Shepherd (Chairman, Alderley plc), located themselves at Wickwar using a solitary workshop and offices housed in portacabins.

The earnings for the initial eighteen months of the newly formed company was £ 5.5 million. They have developed into a globally recognised company with 7 facilities worldwide like Russia, UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Singapore reaching revenues of £ 75 million.

From the beginning, Alderley’s strength hung in their ability to tackle the challenges of the emergent offshore oil market in the North Sea, fast turning into a frontrunner in the field of metering. Having created equipment and secured the engineering expertise to handle these severe operating conditions in the North Sea the firm quickly replicated its performance in offshore economies.

In 2014, Alderley’s portfolio extends beyond metering to include pneumatic, electrical and hydraulic management systems and water treatment technologies globally.

Aujan Coca-Cola Beverages Company (ACCBC), which operates in the MENA region, has successfully completed the previously stated purchase of a majority share in Lebanese distributor of Pampa and Coca-Cola products National Beverage Company (NBC).

As part of their offer reported in January 2014, ACCBC has purchased the share from individual merchandise distributor Transmed which has a stake in NBC, for an unrevealed quantity.

Transmed claims how the acquisition is anticipated to maximize long term direct investment into Lebanon and into NBC, which is one of the key bottling businesses in the market.

ACCBC CEO Nicolaas Nusmeier — stated, “ACCBC has witnessed consistent development in essentially each one of our sectors over an extended period, and we intend to replicate this capability with NBC by concentrating on raising its market share in Lebanon.”.

Aujan operates 2 manufacturing centers in Dubai, UAE and Dammam, Saudi Arabia. It manufactures brand names like refreshment products and non-alcoholic malt beverage Barbican. The business is a licensed producer of Vimto in the Middle East.

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