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Significant kind contributions to universities and colleges


There have actually been numerous significant donations from alumni and other significant individuals to academic institutions in the last couple of years, with some generating a substantial difference to their picked benefactor.

Below are two institutions which have significantly benefited from their alums’ generous contributions, each within the mining and energy sectors.

Montana Tech alum Jerry Schuyler —… makes highest single contribution in university history.

Former Montana Tech student Jerry Schuyler made news headlines in May of 2014 as he generousloy donated the biggest single present of funds that the university has ever had. A payment of half a million dollars was made to the university to support university engineering initiatives and scholarships that require financial backing.

Graduating in 1977 with a Petroleum Engineering degree from Montana Tech, Jerry Schuyler is currently a board director of two oil and gas business located in Houston, Texas.

The generous benefactor said that the contribution was to aid the ongoing status of the university among the list of prominent resources for energy segment specialists. He acknowledged that tech graduates make up about 10% of petroleum engineers that are trained at American institutions, making them a significant choice for the oil and gas corporation.

Western Law gains from substantial contribution to mining law course from Stephen Dattels —… .

Stephen Dattels, a considerable figure in the mining sector, has made an additional large donation to Western Law which will assist the mining law and finance programs at the university.

The substantial contribution was $1.525 million, which follows other donations made to the university by Dattels not that long ago. These have contributed in the creation of the Stephen Dattels Chair in Corporate Finance Law.

The dean of the university, W. Iain Scott, stated that the contribution would undoubtedly help establishment of the establishment’s proficiency in the field of mining law, and add to the future of mining law leaders.

Stephen Dattels presently holds the role of co-chairman and founder of the Regent Pacific Group Limited, and works as the Chairman of Regent Mercantile Holdings Limited. In addition, he is the Co-founder and Chairman of Circum Minerals Limited.

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