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How to Write Highly Convertible White Papers


Strategies for Converting White Papers Successfully

White papers are intriguing examples of the way that technology has put pressure out there for changing the ways they are created and read. Because typically readers tend to scan now, the format of these documents has changed. Highly detailed white papers are no longer something that high powered executives are able or willing to sit and read through all the way.

There has been a shift to less information that is easier to digest than it used to be. Here are some helpful tips for creating white papers that will be well received.

To help people read things much more easily, you need to put elements in that allow them to scan. Why paper bullets should be a different size than the ones that you use in the sales letter bullets, both in style and format. Tactically positioning quotations in shaded boxes is another thing you can do for the white paper. You can read everything much more easily when they are strategically placed throughout the paper. Your concluding and executive summaries should also receive special attention. The key is to write for people that have short attention spans. If you do that, these will work to your benefit.

If you are hoping to write white papers as your business model, you’ll need to figure out the basic process of doing this as it used to be done. It’s an important learning step that helps make your writing much more powerful and effective.

You then simply need to get up to speed in terms of how the evolution of white papers has gone. Businesses typically want white papers that are going to be a part of their marketing toolbox. This is another way of saying that white papers are expected to offer some form of value, like the ability to bring in business leads or, even, potentially, sales. It’s definitely a step away from the role that white papers have traditionally played. This means that you need to adapt and change as the demands of your clients change.

Modern white paper is a fragment of what it once was, yet you still need to do solid research to make it worthwhile. Using rehashed articles is not something you can do. If you look on the web, can find a lot of information on many different topics. For a fee, you can use a university library that is chock-full of lots of relevant information you can use. You still have to figure out if the information comes from a reliable source. Information that you find at a university is typically the best out there. Some of the information may be biased, especially if it is specialty research that caters to a certain corporation. In order to properly target your business audience, white papers are a fantastic method of educating people. And, if we are being honest, they are much easier to write now than they were a few years ago. You do, though, still need to make sure that they are professionally designed and that your content is of the highest quality if you want them to help you succeed.

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