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Getting Creative with The Wolverine Costume


If You Want To Have A Wolverine Costume — Read This

The character of Wolverine has existed for years and years so there are lots of options available to you if you want to dress up like him. You can look through the older X-Men comic books and you can watch the movies that have come out and just pick the kind of costume you want to wear. There is another Wolverine movie scheduled to be released in 2012 which means the character will become even more widely known and recognized.

Since knowing all about the Wolverine will make for a better costume, then that should be no problem for you. It is very interesting the way these characters get around, and for example the Wolverine and the Incredible Hulk were in the same comic one time, together. Logan was the Hulk, and he had his own natural super powers as they all do. The Wolverine has similar abilities and powers when it comes to not being harmed by natural ailments. Since you have seen the X-Men, then you have seen his claws in action, too. Wolverine is, without a doubt, a male character but women who are fans of the X-Men franchise have lots of costume choices too. There is a character in the Marvel Comics called Wild Thing who is the daughter of Wolverine and there are costumes for her. This is not a character who’s well known outside of comic book circles, as she hasn’t yet been featured in a movie, but as the X-Men get better known people are becoming more familiar with her. The franchise has other strong female characters too; like Storm, who usually wears a black jumpsuit and has the ability to control the weather. Rogue is another really interesting and kind of tragic female figure who can absorb others power, even if she doesn’t want to do so. These are some X-Men and Wolverine related costume ideas for girls and women.

If you go shopping for your Wolverine costume you will see, as you shop, that most of the costumes you find have official licensing. This is usually meant to address any copyright issues that exist for the character whether he’s from the comic books and the movies. While the officially licensed costumes are great, it’s okay to separate from these and go after your own take on the costume even if you cannot commercially sell the costume you build without having a license. You could, for example, use the look featured in the most recent Wolverine X-Men movie in which he is wearing an entirely black costume and not the blue and yellow version that is sold more commonly. When you want to build your own variation on the Wolverine costume you just need to be able to tap into your own creativity. A Wolverine costume is one that many people enjoy wearing, especially if they identify with the character from X-Men. In lots of ways, Wolverine is a very low key kind of superhero because he does not have the ability to fly or do things that appear magical or miraculous but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t still a very powerful and enigmatic character. If you really want to make sure you have the best Wolverine costume out there, it’s important to remember these factoids as you do your searching and shopping.

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