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Features, Benefits, and Drawbacks of Namecheap


Should You Use Namecheap to Register and Host Your Domains?

Namecheap is only one of the many companies you can use for registering a domain or for hosting your website. When it comes to these services, what makes a company better than another one? In this review, we’ll see how Namecheap compares to other companies.

Although Namecheap isn’t yet well known for its web hosting, they offer some reasonable reseller packages as well as basic hosting. Do you want to become a web hosting provider too? This is possible through reseller hosting. A reseller package is a hosting solution you ought to consider if you’re involved in creating web sites for offline business in your area. It can cost a lot to get a reseller hosting package, but Namecheap actually has good prices on its reseller hosting packages. In fact, for under $20 per month, you can have a reseller package and start hosting unlimited domains. And for just a dollar, you can try out Namecheap’s hosting for a full 30 days to see if it’s the right one for you. If you’re only creating a website for yourself whether it’s for business or pleasure, a reseller hosting package might be quite of an overkill for you. However, it’s the ideal hosting package if you intend on putting up many web sites, even though they’re all your websites. Namecheap has gotten some high profile recognition for its domain services. In the Lifehacker blog, for instance, Namecheap got the most votes for best domain registrar. Take note, however, that it’s exclusively for Namecheap as a domain registrar and not as we web hosting provider. For about 12 years, Namecheap has been registering domains and it has established itself as one of the top companies in the domain registration business. What makes Namecheap a leader? There are a number of factors, including pricing and customer support. It’s still a good idea if you do your own research. Do a search on customer reviews.

If a company is widely advertised and is popular, many people tend to opt to do business with them. Selecting a company to do business with in this manner presents many risks. This goes for any kind of business. Compared to its major competitors, Namecheap isn’t as well know. It’s fairly popular among webmasters and online business owners, though. The bigger and more popular companies pour a lot of their revenue into advertising their company and services. Namecheap maintains a simple website and isn’t very aggressive about advertising, and its popularity is mainly through word of mouth. So should you go with Namecheap as a domain registrar or a web host provider? Hopefully we’ve given you enough information to make a decision. The company you do business with should be one that is the best fit for you in terms of its ability to provide the services you need. Of course, you can buy a domain from one company and then sign up with a different company for hosting your site. However, going with a company that offers both services offers you convenience when it comes to managing your domain and site.

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