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CCcamservers Glossary/jargon, the fundamentals


When we finally start have a look at CCcam it is always misunderstood, below it will be identified.:

. Precisely, what are all these files?
. Specifically where do I put each of these files within my Dreambox 600?

The basic basic routes for Enigma1

CCcam.cfg –→ / var / etc —-→Configuration file ,where we add servers and clients (Clines/Flines/Nlines,etc) and additional set ups like open port to server , listen port, sid assign, etc.

CCcam.bin –→ / var / bin —-→ which is the binary(like the .exe in windows xp) this ought to be fixed to chmod(attributes) 755 if you don’t CCcam wont initial. –→ / var / script —-→ It is a script file(such as the .Bat in msdos). This file needs chmod 755. Within it need to include the route of hte file.bin for the release we are looking to start,(as an example 2.1.4).

CCcam.prio –→ / var / etc —-→ This particular file you’re able to change what cards to provide top priority or dismiss.

CCcam.channelinfo –→ / var / etc —-→ This specific file is to try to view by means of webinfo the specific tv channel in place of read the SID.

CCcam.providers –→ / var / etc —-→ This will be the would be to view by using webinfo the providor and also the file encryption instead of the CAID

SoftCam.Keys –→ / var / keys —-→ This is usually the is to normally would use ,if any, package of „keys“ to read tv channels( there are few right now)

AutoRoll.Keys –→ / var / keys —→Is actually the is where you would have the AU( auto update) providor keys to automatically update. –→ / var / keys —→ This is basically the file which would include the providor keys manually set up .

Various other files we would create to acquire information and facts of CCcam.

Warnings.txt — / tmp —→ This is where you’ll discover the intrusion /attack tries to CCcam without having your authorization.It is only applicable if you ever in the past got the line as part of your CCcam.cfg.**** LOG WARNINGS: / tmp / **** warnings.txt , be mindful utilizing this type of file that it is not going to fill up with warns as well as leaving the Dreambox 7020 missing the memory to remain functioning perfectly. –→ / tmp —→ Essentially the displays the info concerning the encrytion of hte channel that we’re watching.

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