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Optional form of banking transfers in production market

Growth of capital requires some kind of money capable of intermittently serving flow of current assets. It is recommended to use transferable right of ownership to money (assets) in the bank instead of non-transferable financial obligation (liability) of the bank. Form of accounting reflects the essence of relations which are established between the parties. It is necessary to eliminate forceful credit relations for a producer in his relations with the bank by its debt paper to determine who and how much has loaned the paper`s issuer.

Three-level banking system of accounting.

Manufacturers have shown interest in my proposal to use the certificate of the right to money deposited in the bank instead of a financial commitment in accounting.

To achieve development and economic circulation growth it is necessary to use monetary relations.

To achieve development and economic circulation growth (commodity-money relations) it is necessary to use monetary relations of exchange between business entities. For this purpose it is necessary to introduce money in relations between them. At present a business entity has no property rights to money sufficient  for service of relations in the industrial market. The bank’s financial obligation displayed on the bank’s account, does not presume property rights to non-cash obligations of the Central bank.

National Idea

The national idea is to introduce cash equivalent of serving the proportional distribution of labor income between the individual producers. What is the essence of this national idea if the definition of socialist relations as the proportional distribution of the “earned income” between producers was given by Marx in his “Critique of the Goth Programme”? The essence is, who is the source of emission of money equivalent.

In calculations banks don't use any money.

In calculations banks don’t use any money.  Banks  measure  in currency (any) only the monetary debts, reverse (according to the card) or nonrecourse (on the account).  Calculations are served by only by the  operating system of calculations built  between banks, and money (Central Bank debts) generally fulfill a role of a bank reserve and serve  consumers.

Optional form of clearing settlements in the production market.

Currently an entrepreneur does not have the ownership rights to the money in its bank, which he could use to pay its obligations on production market. I have developed the monetary relations where the bank becomes the emitter of a negotiable certificate of the ownership rights to the money in this bank.

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