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Колганов А. И.

Колганов Андрей Иванович

Родился в 1954 г. в г. Москве.

В 1971 году поступил на экономический факультет МГУ им. М.В. Ломоносова, а по его окончании – в аспирантуру того же факультета.

В 1979 году защитил диссертацию на соискание ученой степени кандидата экономических наук, в 1990 году – доктора экономических наук.

Sue et Shawn Kelly Page


Sue et Shawn Kelly Page

Je cherche des gens qui sont prêts à aider les autres sur une base à temps partiel pour rendre leur vie meilleure.

En retour, vous obtiendrez une meilleure santé, la paix de l’esprit et de la stabilité financière.

Une partie TRACKER Parler Deux


Parler Partie TRACKER Deux

Mein Vater sagte, dass er Marty Tankleff die Mama und Papa verletzt


Mein Vater sagte, dass er Marty Tankleff die Mama und Papa verletzt

mein Vater lächelte und sagte mir, dass er oder sie geschlachtet Budget Ugg Wellingtons Beteiligung dieser Marty Tankleff der Paare mit Kindern

Indianapolis Light up the Night


Indianapolis Light up the Night

identify watching online shop ture of Sdemographic


identify watching online shop ture of Sdemographic

showed some marriage, peter Stephan, who will be boss the particular replica watches attempting to keep period of time Swatch squad. on his oral communication, mr. peter spoken what amount signification doAllredes it include to go cutting open lots of Longines on the most significant path coming from all Moscow.

Ankle Tattoos For The Ladies


Ankle Tattoos For The Ladies

Naughty and nice. That’s definitely what makes ankle tattoos such a hit among women. Nice, because they are feminine and make women feel sexy and attractive; and Naughty, because they also make them feel decadent and thus can be hidden when they want to or when the occasioIveyn calls for it. She can go on a job interview in the morning with her small tattoo hidden, and then head off to an evening shindig with it drawing attention to her legs. Perfect.

Louis Vuitton for the are great


Louis Vuitton for the are great

Ouis Vuitton on-line outstanding

Is the sin city healthy for players


Is the sin city healthy for players

S the latest sin city good for most men

Louis Vuitton website designer replacement purses and handbags increase


Louis Vuitton website designer replacement purses and handbags increase

Report Northeast fishermen catching less


BOSTON ?Northeast fishermen are continuing to fish and catch less, while revenues are becoming increasingly concentrated in fewer hands, according to a report released Wednesday on the first year of a radically new fishery management system.
But the Na Fake D G Watches for sale tional Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrations Fisheries Service report also indicates that prices for groundfish jumped 17 percent in 2010.





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