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Ankle Tattoos For The Ladies


Ankle Tattoos For The Ladies

Naughty and nice. That’s definitely what makes ankle tattoos such a hit among women. Nice, because they are feminine and make women feel sexy and attractive; and Naughty, because they also make them feel decadent and thus can be hidden when they want to or when the occasioIveyn calls for it. She can go on a job interview in the morning with her small tattoo hidden, and then head off to an evening shindig with it drawing attention to her legs. Perfect.

There is a certain stigma accorded to people who have tattoos. It’s a sad fact, but it’s true. The flexibility and level of control that ankle tattoos afford one when it comes to social situations are what makes them preferred by women. In a professional environment, they won’t be too exposed so as to jar that aura of formality and professionalism. Plus, it is unobtrusive enough to draw the attention and much criticism from people who have a thing or two to say about tattoos.

Aside from the aesthetics, women put a lot of stock on the meaning of what they get to have inked on their delicate ankles. Popular favourites include flowers and butterflies, but the Internet can provide you with an unlimited array of tattoo designs to choose from. However, not all tattoo designs would look striking on women’s ankles. Therefore, it is important to assess if the design would conform to the contour of the ankle.

Think of the message or the meaning that you want to convey with that tattoo. You can go for something basic and simple; Tattoo Supplies or you can choose the more intricate designs. Pick the colours that would best fit the design and your personal preference. Make sure that the design and the colours would bring out the message or meaning, instead of overwhelm it. Since they are usually small, the cost would probably be the last thing you have to concern yourself with. The pain and discomfort that comes with the inking process may concern you a bit, however, but that would depend on how detailed the design will be. However, it should be an amount of pain you should be able to deal with, especially if you truly want to have that perfect ankle tattoo.

Flower ankle tattoos mostly come in designs such as that of roses, hibiscus and lotus. For some, it is butterfly tattoos. For others, it is both. They manage to incorporate both a butterfly and a flower in the design and play around with the colours. For a certain level of mystique, there are those who pick foreign characters, such as Japan’s Kanji, whose every character holds a deep and special meaning. The same goes for tribal designs. The important thing is to find an ankle tattoo design that is an expression of yourself, your ideas, your dreams and your desires. It should be entirely YOU. The ankle tattoo should not only look good, it should make you feel good

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