Why Should You Go with Namecheap for Your Domain Registration and Hosting Needs?

How Can Namecheap Help You and Your Business? A Review of What Namecheap Has to Offer Today, there are literally thousands of domain registration and web hosting companies. You've probably heard of Namecheap and you're wondering how it stacks up against the competition. Namecheap is fairly well-known, although it isn't as big or as popular as some of its main competitors. Just like any other business, it has its critics, but Namecheap has a solid reputation overall. In this review, we're going to find out if it's worth your time doing business with Namecheap. A company's reliability can be gauged by the quality of its customer support. It's important that the company you register or host your domains with provide excellent customer service. Namecheap's customer support is rated very good by its customers, who say they seldom wait a long time to get help. The catch is that all customer support requests are handled online. But then again, Namecheap's customer support is widely known for replying quickly to support tickets. In addition, there is a live support chat button on the site for customers who want to "speak" with a representative. They also have a large forum where you can ask questions and interact with experienced members. For sure many existing Namecheap customers would love the addition of phone support. However, even without it, Namecheap does very well in the customer support department. Namecheap boasts of a cleanly designed website. Namecheap's web site is so easy to navigate. Many web hosts and domain registrars have overcrowded websites that make it hard to find your way around. Because those other sites try to sell you dozens of other offers, you can hardly find what you need. Namecheap is a welcome relief in this department, so you may want to check out their website and look around. It's extremely helpful whether you're a new customer or already a Namecheap customer. Namecheap is very different from many companies that advertise aggressively on the internet. For once, you'll be surprised at how simple and straightforward a process it is when you're registering a domain or signing up for a web hosting package with Namecheap. Namecheap isn't like other domain registrars that just keep bombarding you with one offer after another while you're trying to register a domain name. This is what makes Namecheap loved by its customers, and what sets it apart from the bigger, more popular domain registrars. They may not be making as much money as the other companies selling add-on services, but they're hands-down a better company for making the buying process as simple and ans pleasant as possible. In the domain registration industry, Namecheap has established for itself an excellent reputation. It's still too early to say if the company's web hosting service is reliable or not since Namecheap began offering it only recently. This is one big reason that a large percentage of Namecheap's customers aren't hosting their domains with Namecheap even though they clearly know that Namecheap is an excellent domain registrar. This review has explored some of the main strengths and weaknesses of Namecheap, so you can better decide if they might be a good match for your needs. For more about Nike Free TR check out www.2013danmarknikefreerun.com/nikefreetrherre-c-20.html